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Community health workers (CHWs) play a vital role in Rwanda -- extending health services to the community level and helping to assure the health of the population.  An estimated 60,000 volunteer health workers in nearly every village in the country have a variety of responsibilities aimed to reduce maternal and child mortality and contribute to the achievement of other goals of the Ministry of Health:

  • Building awareness of the benefits of health insurance membership, family planning, hygiene and prevention of HIV/AIDS and malaria;
  • Supplying bed nets, contraceptives and ORS/zinc to prevent dehydration in children with diarrhea;
  • Distributing anti-malarials, anti-pyretics and other medicines to treat malaria, respiratory infections and diarrhea;
  • Encouraging pregnant women to attend ante-natal consultations), deliver in health facilities and have their children vaccinated; and
  • Tracking and reporting vital events in the village, in particular births and maternal and child deaths.

The Government of  Rwanda has established a Community Health Information System (CHIS) to support the national community health worker program that allows Community health workers to report basic data about their program, such as the number of women who delivered at home or in a health facility in a given month. This is used to manage the program and supervise CHWs and to provide small incentive payments based on their performance.


mUbuzima, is an application that builds on Rwanda’s mobile phone infrastructure to show how this infrastructure can support  Community Health Workers.  It allows Community health workers to enter and transmit CHIS indicators in real time - - even in remote parts of the country using only a mobile phone.  Officials at the Ministry of Health, districts and health centers  can log on to the mUbuzima website to access up-to-date data on many aspects of the CHW national program. The Ministry of Health can also send educational messages to Community health workers.  In the future, it is envisioned that the system will provide decision support directly to Community Health Workers to enhance the delivery of maternal and child health services. The system is built with relevant Rwandan and international standards and is intended to be fully harmonized with CHIS and other Ministry of Health systems.


mUbuzima has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. It is supported by the Phones for Health, a public-private partnership.


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